Meteor Mania

      Last week was a very busy time for Skywatchers.

                In our last Blog (2/13/13 “A Celestial Warning Shot”) we reported on asteroid 2012 DA 14 which passed within 18,000 miles of earth on February 15. We reminded our readers that a similar object destroyed thousands of square miles of forest in Siberia in 1908, and that scientists now think that the Biblical destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was also caused by a meteor strike. The near earth asteroid was not a “near miss”, because God never misses. Instead, it was a warning shot to a world becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah, a warning to seek salvation from the judgment to come.

                 Then, as if on cue, a smaller meteor exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk on the morning of February 15. The fireball was as bright as a nuclear bomb and just as powerful, and only God’s grace prevented massive loss of life. Now we find out that the area of Chelyabinsk is home to significant Russian nuclear facilities and may have provided help to the Iranian nuclear program. (See the Corporate Prayer Resources blog of this date “Haman’s Russian Armorer”). Another warning the same day, delivered with a bang.

                The Lord does know how to get people’s attention, and now we are seeing fireballs over California and Florida on our evening news. Another was just seen over Saudi Arabia. Everyone is wondering if a meteor will fall on them, and a few may even be realizing that science cannot save them from the judgments of God. The only security comes from knowing God and following Jesus.

                And while we are pondering the message of the meteorites, God is firing up another celestial display for March. A comet, perhaps a very bright comet, named Panstarrs is coming. This comet, too far away from earth to be a danger, will be bringing a message of hope.

                So tonight take a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful starry heavens, and don’t be alarmed if a meteor or two blaze across the sky. They’re just another way God is trying to invite wayward people to come back home.

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