A Celestial Warning Shot

During the evening hours on February 15 over Eurasia a small asteroid will pass within 18,000 miles of the earth. While only the size of a small church building, a similar sized object hit Siberia in 1908 and flattened trees over thousands of square miles.

The secret of the explosive power of these small objects is speed. This particular object, known as 2012 DA14 will traverse almost the whole sky, from the south Polar Regions to the north, in just 12 hours. It will never be bright enough to be seen by the naked eye, but eastern hemisphere observers with binoculars will be able to follow it as it speeds from south to north. Alas, by the time nightfall reaches the western hemisphere, the little asteroid will be too faint to see even with binoculars as it moves away from earth in the north Polar Regions.

While many feel that we have dodged a bullet, those of us who watch the skies for God’s messages have a different view. Some scientists now believe that events like the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah were caused by asteroids like this one. God hits what he aims at, and so a “near miss” is also purposeful. God has sent us a warning shot, as the modern world becomes more and more like Sodom and Gomorrah.

The message of the asteroid can be determined by the pathway of the object, which highlights the Star Bible constellations it crosses. The pathway includes the constellation Draco (The Dragon) which represents Satan, and Virgo (The Virgin) which reminds us of the promise that the Seed of Woman will crush the head of the Serpent (Satan) in Genesis 3:15. The asteroid passes over Leo (The Lion) which shows Christ’s final

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victory over Satan and his kingdom. It also passes through Hydra (“The Serpent”) which pictures a dead serpent (Satan) and Corvus (“The Raven”) eating the flesh of God’s enemies, with both representing punishment in the lake of fire, or Hell. This is the fate of those who reject God.

At the same time, there is still an open door to chose God and live. The asteroid passes through the Southern Cross, picturing the pathway to salvation. It also passes through the Little and Big Dippers which are anciently known as the Lesser Sheepfold (i.e., Israel) and the Assembled Together (i.e. the “Assembly” or Church), and which together represent Heaven.

Thus, the choice of Heaven or Hell is still available. Tonight around 11:00 look in the eastern sky for Leo (“The Lion”) and the Big Dipper. Find someone to tell about the celestial warning shot and Heaven’s door, which is still open for those who want to escape the judgment to come.

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