Water and Fire

                Amidst all of the excitement and noise of the recent celestial visitations (See our Blogs of 2/13/13 “A Celestial Warning Shot” and 2/20/13 “Meteor Mania”) the Zodiac constellation of Aquarius (The Water Pourer) quietly slipped behind the Sun on February 18.

                Aquarius is the sixth chapter of the Star Bible, a picture of a man pouring out an urn of water. Aquarius comes after the constellation Capricorn (The Goat) which pictures the sacrificial death and resurrection of Christ. After his resurrection Christ told his followers to wait for him in Jerusalem to receive the Holy Spirit. Aquarius shows the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which is often represented by water, that began on Pentecost.

                The three constellations associated with Aquarius are Cygnus (The Swan), Pisces Austranis (The Southern Fish), and Pegasus (The Winged Horse). Cygnus contains the Northern Cross, including the black hole where the Star of Bethlehem was located (See our Blog of 9/3/13 “Finding the Star of Bethlehem”), but it also represents Christ’s promise to return in star names such as Azel (Who Goes and Returns Quickly) and Sadr (Who Returns in a Circle). Pisces Austranis (The Southern Fish) is part of the celestial fish story, and represents the Jewish church which first received the Holy Spirit at Pentecost (See our blog of 10/8/13 “Finding the Pentecostal Star”). Finally, Pegasus (The Winged Horse) tells us that the spiritual power represented by the Christ / Horse constellations of Centaurus (The Despised One) and Sagitarius (The Archer) is available to all believers now that Christ has returned to Heaven (See our blog of 10/1/13 “Carried Along by the Winged Horse”).

                Of course, Aquarius is not visible to us now because the water of Aquarius is hidden in the fire of the Sun. However, right after sunset the Aquarian constellation Pegasus (The Winged Horse) is visible just above the horizon. Pegasus, which is recognizable by the Great Square, would be best viewed through binoculars in the early evening twilight.

                This year Aquarius is also sending us a messenger out of the Water and Fire: the great comet Panstarrs will emerge from the Sun’s glare in the second week of March.  Look for it at about the same spot where you see Pegasus this week.

                And don’t forget to tell someone about God’s promise of the Holy Spirit in Aquarius and the Aquarian comet coming from the water and fire in March.


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