The Meeting of the Reds

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The Meeting of the Reds

Just after sunset on October 20 the Red Planet Mars and the Red Star Antares will be
close neighbors in the Southwestern sky.

The first calendar period mentioned in the Bible is the seven day week, and the third day of that week, Tuesday, is named after the Norse equivalent of the planet Mars. Life was first seen on the third day of the Creation week, and the Red Planet

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Mars reminds us that

our lives have been purchased for us by the Red Blood of Christ.

A very different meaning is conveyed by the Red Star Antares (“The Wounding”). It is the central star of the Constellation Scorpio, which pictures the Rebellion of Men against God (see Luke 10:18 in the Bible), and is named for the wounding inflicted on Christ, the Seed of Woman (see Genesis 3:15). Another meaning of the name, “The Rival of Mars,” reminds us that the pagan religions of the ancient world claimed that their Kings (or Priests) had become the “Seed of Woman”, a false Messiah.

So, the two Reds come together, one as the Giver of Life and one as the Taker of Life. It’s an interesting sight and a good time to be thankful that you know the difference between the real Messiah and the counterfeit.

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