Carried Along by The Winged Horse

Skywatcher Journal October
International Star Bible Society

Carried Along by The Winged Horse

At this time of year the Winged Horse, the Constellation Pegasus, takes its place directly overhead at about 11:00 pm. The Constellation is easily recognized by the large square formed by its stars, also known as the “Great Square of Pegasus.”

There are three horses pictured in the Constellations of the Star Bible, and all of them symbolize spiritual power (see Zechariah 6:1-8 in the Bible). The first, Centaurus, (“The Despised One”) is a man-horse combination which symbolizes a man of great spiritual power: Christ. The second, Sagittarius (“The Archer”) is a man-horse combination announcing the Coming of Christ, The Arrow of God (Isaiah 49:1-7, in the Bible).

Pegasus tells a different story, as Christ the “Despised One” was crucified and “The Archer” was raised from the dead and returned to Heaven. However, Christ promised to send the Holy Spirit, which is represented in the Constellation Aquarius (“The Water Pourer”- see John 7:37-39 in the Bible). Pegasus,
which is associated with Aquarius, is a riderless horse. The man has returned to Heaven, but the Spiritual Power represented by The Winged Horse, The Holy Spirit, remains (John 14:25 & 26 in the Bible).

So, tonight find the Great Square and

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the other Stars of Pegasus. Then find Algenib (“The Carrier”), Read Isaiah 63:8-14, and be carried along by the Holy Spirit.

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