The Judgment of the Scorpion


On November 20, 2017 the Star Bible’s third chapter is opened as the constellation

Scorpio (“The Scorpion”) moves into the Sun.


The constellation Scorpio and its associated constellations of Serpens (The Serpent) and

Ophiuchus (The Serpent Held) present the picture of a giant man holding a Serpent and standing over a Scorpion, about to crush it. The man we know to be Christ because of the star Saiph (Bruised) in His foot identifying Him as the “Seed of Woman” who was bruised in the heel (Genesis 3:15). The Serpent is also easily recognized from the Genesis story as Satan, and he is shown to be restrained by Christ in the age prior to the advent of Christ.


The Scorpion is a picture of rebellious men (see Ezekiel 2:6) who rejected God’s offer of redemption through the Seed of Woman in the first Chapter of the Star Bible Virgo and God’s pre-Christian system of religious observance in the Second Chapter, Libra. The message is amplified by the bright red star Antares (The Wounding) which indicates that rebellious men would be the ones to wound the Seed of Woman in the heel. This rebellion of Scorpio has continued through the ages.


But God will not allow rebellion to continue forever. In 2519 BC, the year that the sign of rebellion, Scorpio, was moved into the season of judgment, Fall, by the precession of the equinoxes, God sent a great catastrophe on the earth known as Noah’s flood and only the righteous man Noah and his family survived. Sadly, Noah’s decedents also rebelled against God. We are now waiting on the sign of Christ’s final judgment, Leo (The Lion) to enter the Fall season of judgment as our age comes to a close. At the same time Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder moves into the winter season indicating the coming restraint of Satan (Revelation 20:1-3) and the judgment of the rebellious men pictured in Scorpio (Revelation 19:19-21). That time is not too far off.


This warning of judgment is brought home by two meteor showers which will overlap this week. The Leonid meteor shower on November 17 comes from Leo (the Lion) and reinforces the message that Christ’s final judgment and victory over evil is coming soon. The Taurid meteor shower is active this week through November 25, coming from Taurus (The Bull), the sign of Christ’s second coming. These meteor showers, the remnants of comets, are not so subtle reminders that Earth has been in the path of potentially destructive comets which could have been the cause of the Noah disaster and could play a part in the shaking of the Earth when Christ returns. (See Revelation 16:18-21)


So tonight, as you watch for meteors blazing across the sky from Leo and Taurus, comfort yourself with the knowledge that Christ is coming soon to deliver us from evil with the judgment of the Scorpion.


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