The Chained Woman

In early November at around 10 p.m. the constellation Andromeda (The Chained Woman) can be seen directly overhead.


Andromeda is one of the constellations associated with Pisces (The Fish) which tells about the Church age.  Andromeda is a picture of a woman bound in chains and represents the suffering of the Jews in the aftermath of their rejection of Christ and the subsequent destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish nation. Stars named Alpheratz (Broken Down), Almaak (Struck Down) and Mirach (Weak) add to the picture of devastation. The passage of Israel, the virgin bearer of Christ in Virgo to Andromeda, the Chained Woman, is a stark reminder of what can happen when a nation rejects God.


However, these who condemn and persecute Israel do not understand the plan of God and the heart of the Father. The Bible says the suffering and rejection of Christ by the Jews was only for a season (Romans 11:11,12), and the nearby constellation of Cassiopeia (The Enthroned Woman), associated with Aries (The Lamb), shows God’s promise to fully restore Israel when Christ returns. Indeed, Jerusalem will be the capital of the world when Christ returns (Zechariah 14:10).


Andromeda is easy to find because its brightest star Alpheratz is actually a corner of The Great Square of Pegasus which is just south of the Zenith Point. An interesting binocular object in Andromeda is the Andromeda Galaxy which is designated as M 31 on the Star Charts, and is the nearest large galaxy to ours. Also, to the North of Andromeda, halfway to the North Star, you can find the distinctive “W” shape of Cassiopeia.


Andromeda serves as a warning to America that we can suffer the same fate as Israel for our defiance of God, if we do not repent.


Reinforcing the call to repentance, the planet Venus, which represents Jesus the Seed of Woman who was bruised in the heel on the cross and will crush the Head of the Serpent, comes within ¼ of a degree of Jupiter, whose great red spot reminds us of Christ’s wounded side, in the pre-dawn hours of November 13. This spectacular conjunction occurs in the constellation Virgo, which represents the promise of the Seed of Woman and the nation of Israel. Israel rejected the promise, but along with Venus and Jupiter in Virgo will be Mars, the red planet symbolic is of the Blood of Jesus, which reminds us that redemption is still available if we repent.


Pray that our Nation heeds the warning of Andromeda and returns to God before it is too late

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