The Celestial Fish Story

On March 20, the first day of Spring, the Sun will enter the constellation Pisces (The Fish).

Pisces (The Fish) is the seventh chapter of The Star Bible, picturing two fish tied together in unity, and representing the joining of the Jewish and Gentile believers to form the Church. The other constellations associated with Pisces include Cephus (The Crowned King), representing the ascension of Christ to Heaven as ruler during the Church age, and Andromeda (The Chained Woman), representing the suffering of the Jewish people who rejected Christ (See our Blog of 3/6/2013 “Comet Panstarrs Brings a Third Celestial Message”).

The symbols of the fish in the sky show the development of the Church, with the first picture of a fish shown being the tail of a fish in the constellation Capricornus (The Goat), as if being born out of the death of the scapegoat, Christ. The dolphin of Delphinus, symbolizing the resurrection of Christ, shows Christ as the first born with the new life. The single fish of Pisces Austranus represents the Church at Pentecost, which was then composed only of Jewish followers of the Christ (See

our Blog of 10/8/2012 “Finding the Pentecostal Star“). The addition of the Gentiles, the second fish of Pisces, makes the Church complete. It is no accident that the most recognized sign of the early Church was the fish.

Some of the Stars of Pisces and its related constellations will be visible with binoculars along the horizon after sunset, starting with Pisces in the West, Andromeda in the Northwest, and Cephus in the North. The Comet Panstarrs will also be visible in binoculars as it continues its path from Pisces into Andromeda (See the 3/6/2013 Blog above).

And if some passerby is curious about why you are searching the horizon with your binoculars, you can tell them the celestial fish story and urge them to heed the Comet’s warning to swim into God’s net before it is too late.

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