Passover Moons

On March 26 we celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover.

There is always a Full Moon on Passover because it is set on the 14th day of the first month on the Lunar Calendar. The first day of the month is the New Moon and the Full Moon happens 14 days later. The Moon, which represents the people of God in the Star Bible, is at its brightest and fully reflects the light of the Sun (representing Christ) when the Moon is full.

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The first Passover occurred in 1446 BC, when God instructed his people to put the blood of the Passover lamb on their doorposts so that the Angel of Death would pass over them. On that night the Moon was located in the feet of the constellation Virgo (the Virgin) and there was a Lunar Eclipse. In the Lunar Eclipse the Moon tuned blood red, adding its testimony to the covering of God’s people by the blood of the Passover Lamb.

During the Passover of 5BC the Moon was once again

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in the feet of Virgo, and there was also a Lunar Eclipse. At the same time the Star of Bethlehem exploded into view and Jesus, the Lamb of God, was born. It is believed that this Passover and its Moon are recorded in the twelfth chapter of Revelation as the “Woman clothed in the Sun with the Moon under her feet” (I.e. Virgo) who gave birth to a male child (i.e. Jesus). The Lunar Eclipse which turned the Moon blood red on that night spoke of the covering of God’s people by the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ.

Tonight’s Passover moon is again in Virgo, but, alas, without the Lunar Eclipse. We may, nevertheless, look up to this year’s Passover Moon and thank God that the Angel of Death will pass over us because we are covered by the Blood of the Lamb.

Oh, and let us wish a Happy 2017th Birthday to Jesus.


One thought on “Passover Moons

  1. According to Rick Larson’s computer software computations there was a lunar eclipse at the 9th hour (3pm)on April 3, 33 AD – the date of Jesus’s execution. If that is so then that same computer could give the exact date of the 10 th plague and subsequent exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. You say there was a full moon that night with an eclipse? What is the exact date then, of the Exodus in 1446?
    Also isn’t it cool that at midnight the moon was directly overhead lighting the way thru the desert so brightly for the exiting Hebrews. In the desert the moon directly overhead is almost as good as day for seeing. Ray

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