The Judgment of the Scorpion

Skywatcher Journal
November 20, 2013

International Star Bible Society

The Judgment of the Scorpion

On November 20, 2013 the Star Bible’s third chapter is opened as the constellation
Scorpio (“The Scorpion”) moves into the Sun.

The constellation Scorpio and its associated constellations of Serpens (The Serpent) and
Ophiuchus (The Serpent Held) present the picture of a giant man holding a Serpent and standing over a Scorpion. The man we know to be Christ because of the star Saiph
(Bruised) in his foot identifying him as the “Seed of Woman” who was bruised in the heel (Genesis 3:15). The Serpent is also easily recognized from the Genesis story as Satan, and he shown to be restrained by Christ in the age prior to the advent of Christ.

The Scorpion is a picture of rebellious men (see Ez 2:6) who rejected God’s offer of redemption through the Seed of Woman (Chapter 1: Virgo) and God’s pre-Christian system of religious observance (Chapter 2: Libra). The message is amplified by the bright red star
Antares (The Wounding) which indicates that rebellious men would wound the Seed of Women in the heel. This rebellion of Scorpio has continued through the ages.

But God will not allow rebellion to continue forever. In 2519 BC, the year that the sign of rebellion, Scorpio, was moved into the season of judgment, Fall, by the precession of the equinoxes, God sent a great catastrophe on the earth known as Noah’s flood and only the righteous man Noah and his family survived. Sadly, Noah’s decedents also rebelled against God. We are now waiting on the sign of Christ’s final judgment, Leo (The Lion) to enter the Fall season of judgment as this age comes to a close. That time is not too far off.

This year God has sent us a series of Celestial Messengers warning us to purify ourselves or face judgment (See our Blog of 10/9/2013 “The Hanukkah Comet”). The current messenger, the Comet ISON, will run along the path of Saturn (The Ruler) and Mercury (Lucifer) in the pre dawn hours, reminding us of Christ’s triumph over evil and the judgment to come. Comet ISON enters into Scorpio on November 26, just two days prior to its meeting with the

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Sun (representing Christ.) on November 28.

Watch for Comet ISON as it becomes brighter and brighter in the morning sky, and interacts with Saturn and Mercury on its way to the Sun.

Be alert and vigilant and remember that God can judge the wicked while protecting the righteous.

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