The Triumph of the Seed of Woman

              On June 21, the Summer Solstice Day, the sun moves into the constellation Gemini (The United).

            Gemini is the tenth chapter of the Star Bible and is a picture of two men. One has the bright star Pollux (He Who Comes to Suffer) at the head and the star Alhena (The Wounded) at the foot, a clear representation of Christ as the wounded Seed of Woman. The other has the bright star Castor (The Ruler) at the head and the star Mebsuta (Treading Under Foot) in the foot, a picture of Christ the victorious Seed of Woman treading Satan underfoot. Two of the constellations associated with Gemini convey the same message, with Canis Minor (The Victorious) and its bright star Procyon (Redeemed) representing the suffering savior and Canis Major (The Leader) and the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius (The Prince) representing Christ the Ruler.

Gemini pictures the first and second coming of Jesus, and plays a role in both events. Gemini moved into the Summer Season in the year Jesus was conceived, 6 BC, and its star Pollux (He Who Comes to Suffer) reached zenith over Jerusalem at the same time. The precession of the equinoxes will carry the star Castor (The Ruler) to zenith over Jerusalem in 2121 AD, the same year that Gemini exits the Summer Solstice and Taurus, the sign of Christ’s Second Coming, enters the Summer Season. In that sense Gemini covers the time from the coming of the first figure, the Suffering Savior, to the second, the Ruler.

Another interesting event occurring on June 21 along the border of Gemini (The United) and Taurus (The Bull) is that, at this place in the sky, the Sun has moved into the outermost point of the galaxy. The sun was at this outermost point when God’s judgment fell and Noah’s flood began in 2519 BC. Yet God’s grace was poured out like water on another day when the sun was in the outermost point, Pentecost in 30 AD. And if the outermost point, transitioning from Gemini to Taurus, marks Christ’s return around 2121 AD, both judgment and grace will be poured out on the earth.

Because the sun moves through the lower portions of Gemini, the two bright stars of Pollux (He Who Comes to Suffer) and Castor (The Ruler) are visible above the North Western horizon after sunset. Right beside these pictures of the Suffering and Triumph of the Seed of Woman you will see the bright planet Jupiter, which represents the Suffering Savior. The planet Saturn, representing Christ’s Triumph, is south of the Zenith Point in the Constellation Libra.

So tonight take your binoculars and look for Pollux, Castor, Jupiter, and Saturn as they showcase the triumph of Christ, the Seed of Woman. And don’t keep the good news to yourself.

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