The Archer Rides Tonight

This week the Zodiacal constellation Sagittarius (The Archer) rises high in the South in the early evening hours.


Sagittarius is the fourth chapter of the Star Bible, telling of the coming of the Seed of Woman. It was also one of the major celestial signs of the Advent of Christ, as the Sign of His Advent, Sagittarius, moved into the Season of His Advent, Winter, in 7 BC. It was also at about that time, the Winter Solstice of 7 BC, that John the Baptist was conceived in accordance with the word of the angel Gabriel to John’s father Zechariah. Six months later Gabriel spoke to the Virgin Mary at the conception of Jesus, and on the night of His birth in the Spring of 5 BC the Star of Bethlehem appeared on the celestial meridian where Sagittarius had entered into the Season of Christ’s Advent, Winter.


Sagittarius forms the picture of a horse-man figure which represents a man of spiritual power, Christ. The man is an archer, who is aiming his arrow at the heart of the constellation Scorpio, a scorpion which represents the rebellion of men against God. The arrow of Sagittarius actually represents Christ himself, who was sent to bring an end to the rebellion and bring all men back to God. (See Is. 49:1-7).


Sagittarius will reach its high point directly South of the Zenith at about 11:00 PM, but will still be somewhat low in the Southern sky. Scorpio will be just to the west of Sagittarius and can be easily found because of the bright red star Antares (The Wounding) in the heart of the scorpion. We recommend that use of binoculars to overcome the effect of light pollution in the cities. Binoculars will also help you see many beautiful star clusters which can be found in Sagittarius.


The Archer and the Scorpion make a fine sight in the

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So read it tonight.


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