The Real Hercules

The story of Hercules, the son of a pagan god and a human woman, is one of the best known ancient myths. Tonight the constellation Hercules (The Mighty Victor) is at the Zenith point in the early evening hours, telling the story of the real Hercules.

Ancient Paganism took the story of Christ, the Seed of Woman, and perverted its truth into the Pagan religion of a false Seed of Woman. Some of these pagan gods, like Horus, son of Isis in Egypt, were said to have been born without Fathers, but most, including Hercules and kings like Ceasar and Alexander the Great, claimed to have been born of human mothers and a pagan god. Jesus, the real Seed of Woman, actually was born to a virgin and star names like Kornephorus (The Branch, Kneeling) (see our Blog of 7/2/14 “The Woman in the Sky”) show the constellation Hercules to be a representation of Christ. Other star names add to the message of the suffering savior, including Marsic (The Wounding) and Maasym (Sin Offering).

The Hercules of Pagan myth was famous for his great power, and the picture of Hercules in heaven shows him kneeling with a club in one hand and a three headed serpent in the other. The star in the club, Caiam (Punishing) indentifies His work and the object of the punishment is not Satan but is a three headed serpent called Cerberus. It is believed that the three headed

serpent represents the nations of Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon which attempted to destroy God’s people Israel before Christ came, and were punished by God. The head of the constellation Draco (The Dragon) is pictured as under the feet of Hercules, showing that Christ is also more powerful than Satan. Thus, Hercules, the Mighty Warrior, is a picture of Christ’s great power over the nations and Satan.

The constellation Hercules is best viewed with binoculars because it has no very bright stars. It is pictured upside down, with the feet to the north of the Zenith and just south of the stars forming the head of Draco.

Show someone the real Hercules, the Mighty Victor who is the Son of God born to a virgin.

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