The Stars of the Promised Victory

In late December the stars of Ares (The Ram) and its associated constellations Perseus (The Breaker), Cassiopeia (The Enthroned Woman), and Cetus (The Sea Monster) achieve their best visibility point in the early hours after sunset.

Ares (The Ram) represents the slain lamb of God who was worthy to open the seals of the promised victory of Christ (see Rev. 6:15-17.) Perseus (The Breaker) represents Christ who breaks open the way (See Mic 2:13) at His Second Coming, carrying the severed head (the star Algol) of the Antichrist (see our 10/22/12 Blog “The Halloween Star”). Cassiopeia (The Enthroned Woman), represents the promise to redeem Israel and restore Jerusalem as would capitol when Christ returns (see Is 60:1-12). Finally, Cetus (The Sea Monster) represents rebellious nations pictured as the Seven Headed Beast of Revelation (Rev.

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13:1 and 17:3), with the variable star Mira (The Rebel) going dark seven times each six years. The fate of Cetus is clear because its feet are shown in the constellation Eridanus, (the River of Fire). In all, these constellations picture the promised victory of Christ over the nations upon His return.

If you take your binoculars and look directly overhead at about 9:00 PM, you will see the constellation Perseus. Following the western most arc of stars in Perseus toward the south you will see the famous Pleides star cluster, which is part of the Taurus (The Bull) constellation telling of the return of Christ. Just to the west of the Pleides is Ares, which is recognizable by its two bright stars El Nath (Wounded) and Sheratan (Bruised). Just to the south of Ares are the fairly faint stars of Cetus. And finally, the distinctive “W” of stars in Cassiopeia appears to the north of the Zenith point.

The stars of the promised victory are not as bright as the stars of the Second Coming, represented by such bright constellations as Orion (Coming Forth as Light) which are rising in the east. But they tell a beautiful and powerful story, and give us hope that a brighter day is coming.

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