The Morning Star Laid Low

This week we will have one of the best opportunities of the year to view the planet Mercury.


Mercury is one of the “Seven Planets” which were visible to the ancients. The fourth day of the week, Wednesday, is named in English after the Norse god corresponding to Roman Mercury and Greek Hermes. The planet Mercury is symbolic of Satan in the Star Bible and is mentioned in a passage in the Bible about Satan (Isaiah 14:12), where he is described as the “morning star laid low.” The Greek name Hermes, meaning “The Burnt One”, also adds to the picture of Mercury as representing Satan.


The planet Mercury is very close to the sun and can only be seen as a morning or evening star. Most of the time it is too “laid low” near the sun to be seen at all. However, in the next few days it is at its furthest distance from the sun and will be visible an hour and half after sunset.


Satan’s fate can be seen in the constellations nearby. Standing above Mercury just to the South is the constellation Taurus (The Bull) which tells of Christ’s return in power. A little further to Southwest is Orion (Coming Forth as Light) which pictures Christ standing over a serpent preparing to crush its head as prophesied in Genesis 3:15. Then, just to the Northwest of Mercury is the constellation Perseus (The Breaker) showing the victorious Christ carrying the severed head of evil. The constellation Leo (The Lion), picturing the victory of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah over the serpent, is at its highest point just to the South of the Zenith. In fact, the entire night sky this week tells the story of Satan’s doom.


Adding to the picture is the moon, representing the Church (Psalm 89:37), standing just above Leo. It is worth remembering that, while the Moon often appears partly dark to us, from the vantage point of Mercury the Moon is always bright and white reflecting the light of the sun, as the Church reflects the light of Jesus, the Light of the World.


So if you go out this evening take some time to enjoy the picture of Satan laid low, his defeat by Christ as told in the stars, and the Moon’s reminder of the Church reflecting the li

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