When was Jesus Born?

            Most Christians don’t know that Christmas was set on December 25, the ancient Roman Winter Solstice date, to displace a Pagan holiday celebrating the birth of a pagan false “Seed of Woman” God. While the Winter Solstice is an important element in the Celestial signs of Christ’s Advent (See our Blog of 12/17/14“The Sign of Christ’s Advent”), He could not have been born on December 25.


However, the birth of John the Baptist and the Star of Bethlehem give us the information we need to find the actual time of year when Christ was born. The Bible tells us that John’s father Zechariah was a member of the Priestly order of Abijah, which ministered at the Temple twice a year, eight weeks after the Spring and Fall Feasts. Zechariah was ministering in the Temple, either in late May or late November, when the angel Gabriel announced that he would have a son. John would have been conceived near either the Summer Solstice or the Winter Solstice.


We know from the Bible that John the Baptist was six months older than Jesus, so Jesus would have been conceived on the Winter Solstice or the Sumer Solstice. His Birth would have followed nine months later on either the Fall Equinox or the Spring Equinox. Both of these dates occur near Jewish Feast Times, coming near the Feast of Tabernacles in the Fall and the Feast of Passover in the Spring.


Enter the Star of Bethlehem, which was observed not only by the Wise Men but by the ancient Chinese astronomers as well. The Chinese date the Star of Bethlehem in the Spring of 5 BC and say that it was visible for 70 days. This would have given the Wise Men plenty of time to travel to Israel from any location in the Near East. Some think that the Wise Men took much longer to travel to Israel based on their statement to King Herod that the Celestial signs had begun two years earlier. However, our research indicates that the “Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars” leading to Christ’s birth actually began in 7 BC at the same time that the Angel appeared to Zechariah (See our Blog of 12/17/14 “The Sign of Christ’s Advent”).


The evidence indicates that Christ was born at the time of the Spring Equinox in 5 BC. The actual date we believe to be March 23, 5 BC, on Passover, because that night there was a Lunar Eclipse in the Feet of Virgo as described in Revelation Chapter 12 (See our Blog of 1/2/13 “The Epiphany Moon”).


So on the Ancient Roman Winter Solstice date of December 25, you’re really celebrating the beginning of the “Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars” in 7BC which led to Christ’s birth on Passover of 5 BC.


Merry Christmas

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