The Hanukkah Comet

Skywatcher Journal
October 9, 2013

International Star Bible Society

The Hanukkah Comet

Earlier this year we had three “Celestial Messengers,” a near Earth asteroid and a once in a century meteor strike on February 15, and a comet in March (See our Blog of March 6, 2013 “Comet Panstarrs Brings a Third Celestial Message”) They brought a warning that God’s grace will not last forever, and that the Gates of Heaven will shut one day on those who reject God.

Now Astronomers have discovered a new Comet, known as ISON, which is racing toward the Sun and will become visible in the predawn sky in October. This Comet appears in the constellation Leo (The Lion), which pictures the judgment of God on His enemies, and ties back to the warning of the other three Celestial Messengers of 2013. We do not yet know if this will be a highly visible Comet, but we can begin to discern its message from the path it will take through the Star Bible.

A very significant date in the Comet’s travel is the date it

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disappears behind the Sun. This date is November 28, the same date as the Jewish feast of Hanukkah. This feast is known as the Feast of Lights, which is appropriate for the Comet’s passage behind the bright Sun. However, the meaning of the feast relates to a miracle which occurred when the Temple was purified after the evil King Antiochus Epiphanes had desecrated it. We believe that the message of this Comet is to purify the Temple. Of course, in the Church Age the Holy Spirit makes us the Temple, so we are being warned

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to purify ourselves.

The message is confirmed by the pathway of the Comet during October. For the first three weeks of October the Comet ISON follows the path of the planet Mars, coming within 2 degrees of Mars and the bright star Regulus (Treading Underfoot) on October 15. Mars, the red planet, represents the red Blood of Jesus which purifies us from our sins. Thus, the Comet’s October movements point to purification by the only real purifying agent, the Blood of Jesus. The Comet’s alignment with Mars and Regulus conveys the sober message to purify yourself, the Temple of the Holy Spirit, or face judgment.

The spectacular grouping of Comet ISON, Mars, and Regulus will rise in the East about 3:00 in the morning on October 15 and be visible until dawn. Comet ISON, at the limit of visibility, will need to be viewed by binoculars just to the North of Mars.

Enjoy the view, but above all, heed the message of the Comet. Make sure that you have purified yourself by washing in the Blood of the Lamb.

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