The Woman in the Sky

             This week we are presented with a fine view of the constellation Virgo (The Virgin), reaching a high point above the Southern Horizon in the early evening.

            Virgo is the Zodiacal Constellation which is the first chapter of the Star Bible, telling of the promise of the Seed of Woman (Gen 3:15). Its brightest star, Spica (The Branch), reminds us that Jesus was called The Branch by the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Zechariah (Jer 33:15, Is 11:1 and Zech 3:8 and 6:12). The name of his hometown, Nazareth, also means “Branch” and explains the prophecy quoted in Mathew (Matt 2:23) that Jesus would be a Nazarene. In Jesus’s day the word Nazarene was also a synonym for “Despised”, a name attached to one of the constellations associated with Virgo, Centarus (The Despised One) (See our Blog of 6/11/14 “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Altitudes”)

On Passover of 5 BC a Lunar Eclipse occurred in the feet of Virgo, the “Woman Clothed in the Sun”(Revelation 12:11), and it is believed to have marked the birth of Jesus.(See our Blog of 4/9/14 “The Overcomers Moon”). This week, instead of the Moon, we find the planet Mars (The Blood of Christ) in the feet of Virgo. Mars is located near Spica, almost exactly where the moon was during the “Blood Moon” Lunar eclipse of April 14-15, reminding us again that we overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb (Rev 12:11). As a further reminder, the Moon, representing the Believers, will glide past Mars and Spica on July 5.

So tonight look to the Southwest and find Virgo, the Woman in the Sky. Its bright Star Spica (The Branch) lines up with the bright star Arcturus (The Coming One) (See our blog of 5/7/14 “The Heavenly Harvester) and the Zenith. Mars is just to the east of Spica, shining bright red.

Enjoy the view. And remember to tell someone about the Woman in the Sky and the Star Bible story of the Seed of Woman.

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