The Wandering Pole Star

            Tonight at about 10:00 the ancient pole star Thuban (The Subtle) lines up with the Zenith and the current pole star Polaris (the Turned Upon).

The cause of the wandering pole star is the Precession of the Equinoxes, which also causes the Zodiacal constellations to move through the Seasons in the celestial time clock. In ancient times the pole star was Thuban (The Subtle) in the constellation Draco (The Dragon), which symbolized Satan’s domination of the earth when Christ began his ministry. Draco coils around the Northern sky, appearing as a serpent atop Babylonian astronomical monuments and symbolizing the Dragon God Kings of the polar worshipping Chinese. A shaft of the Great Pyramid of Giza was sited toward Pole star Thuban, establishing a construction date of 2140 BC.

By the time of the desert encounter between Jesus and Satan, the pole had moved away from Thuban into empty space. However, the pole was moving toward the star Polaris in the constellation Ursa Minor (The Lesser Sheepfold) which represents Israel and the people of God prior to the advent of Christ. The Bible teaches us that Christ will return to establish Jerusalem as the capitol of the world in the Messianic Kingdom of Israel, and the movement of the dominant North Polar position to Ursa Minor represents this coming kingdom. In our time Polaris is close to the North Pole but still moving toward it. Polaris reaches the North Pole in 2102 AD, and this is one of the signs of Christ’s Return in the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

To find Thuban, take your binoculars and find Polaris, which is of course directly north and is elevated above the horizon at an angle equal to your latitude. Then move toward the Zenith until you find the star Mizar (Separated), the second star from the end of the “handle” of the “big dipper”. Thuban is about midway between Polaris and Mizar.

Show a friend the ancient North Pole and tell how Jesus will overcome Satan to establish His kingdom as the pole moves from Thuban to Polaris.


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