Tuning Up For Teshuvah


On August 11 the sun will enter the constellation Leo (The Lion), where the Teshuvah Eclipse will occur on August 21.


Leo is the twelfth and final chapter of the Star Bible. It follows the first ten chapters of the Star Bible dealing with the promise of Christ’s coming, His first coming, and His second coming, more or less running from Genesis to Revelation, and the eleventh chapter, Cancer (The Holding Place), which pictures the Believers at home in Heaven with God. Leo pictures a lion, representing Christ the Lion of Judah (Revelation 5:5), which is tearing a serpent (the constellation Hydra), representing Satan and his followers, into pieces. Leo’s bright star Regulus (Treading Under Foot) reminds us that Christ will put all of His enemies under His feet (1 Corinthians 15:25). Two other constellations associated with Leo complete the picture of judgment, Corvus (The Raven), shown eating the flesh of the snake, and Crater (The Cup) as the cup of God’s wrath poured out on the snake. This is a picture of God’s judgment, commonly known as Hell.

The Great American Eclipse of August 21 comes on the first day of Teshuvah, the 40 day Jewish season of repentance which ends on the Day of Atonement. During the Eclipse the Moon, which symbolizes the Believers (Psalm 89:37), moves into the Sun, which symbolizes Christ (Psalm 19), to create a picture of unity in Christ. This picture reinforces the literal meaning of Teshuvah, to return to the presence of God. On the Earth the Moon’s shadow will create an area of darkness reminiscent of the darkness of the Day of the Lord (Amos 5:20), a reminder to the unbelievers of God’s judgment. Thus, Teshuvah Eclipses are both an invitation to return to God and a warning of judgment. See our website at www.Teshuvah2017.com or our recently published book Teshuvah Eclipses for more information.

Teshuvah Eclipses can occur either in Cancer, picturing the believers in God’s presence, or in Leo, representing God’s judgment. The August 21 Eclipse will occur inside of Leo just 1.5 degrees from Regulus (Treading Under Foot), which will be visible during totality. The fact that the eclipse occurs in the judgment constellation of Leo in close proximity to the star Regulus which shows Christ’s victory over evil, must be taken as a strong warning to repent or face judgment.    Â

In preparation for the Teshuvah Eclipse, adding to the warning of judgement, there will be a very active meteor shower known as the Perseid meteor shower on August 12 and 13. The shower is named after the constellation from which it comes, Perseus (The Breaker), which is a picture of Christ’s triumph over evil.


The meteors are best viewed after 10PM when Perseus is high in the sky. Think of them as a celestial fireworks show as the Heavens tune up for the Teshuvah Eclipse.

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