The Scales and the Crosses

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The Scales and the Crosses

On October 31 the Star Bible moves into its second chapter as the constellation Libra (the Scales) moves into the sun.

The first chapter of the Star Bible, Virgo (the Virgin) speaks of God’s promise given in the Garden of Eden to send the “Seed of Woman” (Genesis 3:15 in the Bible). The second chapter, Libra, describes the system of religious observation which God established prior to the coming of Christ, the Seed of Woman. The picture of Libra, the Scales, describes the price for sin: One star Zuben Al Genubi (the Price Which Is Deficient) and another star Zuben Al Chemali (the Price Which Covers).

Prior to the coming of Christ the payment for sin was made through the sacrifice of animals, as represented by the associated constellation Lupus (the Victim), a picture of a slain animal. However, also associated with Libra is the constellation Crux (The Southern Cross), illustrating that the ultimate covering for sin is Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.

Sadly, the precession of the equinoxes has carried the Southern Cross too far South to be seen in the latitudes North of Jerusalem (around 30 degrees North). Interestingly, the Northern Cross (Cygnus), which is visible throughout the Northern Hemisphere, and the Southern Cross, which is visible throughout the Southern Hemisphere, make the Cross the only star picture which can be seen from any point on Earth.

If you ever have a chance to travel southward be sure to take time to see the beautiful Southern Cross. In the meanwhile, enjoy the view of the Northern Cross, still visible in the Western sky. And marvel at the message and power of the cross.

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