The Lion and the Serpent

This week at about 10:00 pm the warring constellations of Leo (the Lion) and Hydra (The Serpent) will be at their highest point in the Southern sky.


Leo (the Lion) is a zodiacal constellation and is the last chapter of the Star Bible. The Lion represents Christ as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah in His final triumph over Satan, the Serpent. The Star named Minchar Al Alsad, meaning “Punishing of the Lion”, shows Christ executing the sentence on Satan and the bright Star Regulus, meaning “Treading Underfoot” shows the fate of Satan.


Just below Leo is the constellation Hydra (the Serpent) which represents Satan as he is finally “Tread Underfoot” by Leo. Hydra is pictured as a dead snake which has been cut into pieces. The brightest Star in Hydra, named Alphard, means “The Separated” and coveys this message. Two other constellations associated with Leo show God’s judgment on Satan, Corvus (The Raven) which is shown eating the flesh of the Serpent, and Crater (The Cup) pouring out God’s wrath on the Serpent.


Taken together, these constellations picture God’s final judgment (Leo) on Satan and his followers (Hydra).The common name for the reality pictured by Leo and Hydra is Hell.


The constellation Leo is scheduled to enter the Fall Equinox, the time when God’s feasts of Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles point to the End of the Age and the judgment to come, in the year 2121 AD. Adding to this message is the Star Denebola, “The Lord Who Comes”, which tells of the return of Christ. We must expect that Christ will be returning soon.


During the last few months we have been warned of the coming judgment and our chance to escape it by a near earth asteroid, the largest meteor strike in 100 years, and a Comet (see our 3/6/2013 Blog “Comet Panstrarrs Bring Third Celestial Message”). Take a look at Leo and Hydra tonight and warn someone that they can still escape from the judgment to come.


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