The Heavenly Harvester


This week the constellation Bootes (The Coming One) will be high in the Eastern sky, reaching Zenith around midnight.


Bootes is associated with the Zodiacal constellation Virgo. (The Virgin), which tells of the promised Seed of Woman, Jesus. The other constellations associated with Virgo show a picture of Jesus as a child (Coma Berenices) and the despised sacrifice (Centaurus), but Bootes speaks of Christ returning in power as the Ruler. Bootes is pictured as a man with a sickle in one hand and a spear in the other. He appears as one “Like the son of man” who will reap the harvest of the Earth in Revelation 14:14-16.


Bootes is home to the fourth brightest star, Arcturus (The Coming One) which is identical in meaning to the constellation’s name. The star Mirac (The Coming Forth as an Arrow) looks forward to Jesus coming as did Sagittarius (The Archer), the sign of Christ’s coming. His sacrifice is memorized by the star Nekker (The Pierced) but His victory is shown in the Star Alkaturops (The Branch Treading Underfoot). His final destruction of Satan, shown in the picture of a Serpent separated into pieces in the constellation Hydra, is shown in the star name Muphride (Who Separates).


Bootes can be found to the North of

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the feet of Virgo and is easily recognized by the bright star Arcturus. Interestingly, the planet Saturn, which also represents Christ the Ruler, is just to the South of the feet of Virgo, lining up with Arcturus and the North Star, which also speaks of Christ’s triumph.


Tonight in your Bible study you should read the 14th chapter of Revelation and then go out and see the picture of the Harvester God put in the sky for all to see.

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