The Epiphany Moon

Before we leave the Christmas season behind, we have been given one last celestial picture reminding us of the birth of Christ.

On the Feast of Passover in the spring of 5 BC there were a number of celestial events surrounding the birth of Christ. The most famous and meaningful was, of course, the Star of Bethlehem announcing the birth of Christ (see our 12/12/12 Blog “Christmas with the Star of Bethlehem”). The constellation Pices (“The Fish”), representing the Church, had just moved into the Spring Equinox signaling that the Church age was also being born. And on the same night the Moon turned blood red as the result of a lunar eclipse, signifying the covering of the Church by the blood of Christ.

Like the Star of Bethlehem, the lunar eclipse is also mentioned in the Bible, but it is mentioned in a place you would not expect to look. The 12th chapter of the book of Revelation describes a heavenly sign of a woman “clothed with the Sun” who gives birth to Christ. The woman in the Sun would be the constellation Virgo (“The Virgin”). But also included in the description of Virgo is the statement that “the Moon [is] under her feet”. Now, in fact, the lunar eclipse which occurred in 5 BC was located in the feet of the constellation Virgo, thus confirming the accuracy of the vision in Revelation.

This January, on the 6th, the Moon will once again be in the feet of Virgo. Alas, there is no lunar eclipse, but sky watchers arising before dawn will be treated to the sight of the Moon between the bright Virgo star Spica (“The Branch”, a name for Jesus) and the planet Saturn (“The Ruler”, reminding us that Jesus will return to rule).

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January 6 is also the first day of Epiphany, celebrating the Wise Men and the Star of Bethlehem. If you arise before dawn, you can have your own Lunar Epiphany.

And may you have a blessed

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New Year.

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