The Crown of Heaven

This week the Crown of Heaven, Corona Borealis (The Northern Crown) reaches its highest point near the Zenith at about 10:00 pm.


Corona Borealis is one of the constellations associated with the Zodiacal constellation Libra (The Scales) which describes God’s justice. Also associated

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with Libra are the constellations Lupus (The Victim), a picture of the animal sacrifices of the Old Covenant and Crux (The Southern Cross) which pictures Christ’s sacrifice in the New Covenant (See our 6/5/13 Blog “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Altitudes”) Corona Borealis is symbolic of the Crown of Life which Jesus has won for us through His sacrifice. Its bright star Gemma (The Shining) shows Christ as the shining light of the world.


The Heavenly Crown is also part of a larger celestial picture showing the struggle against Satan. Just below Corona Borealis is the picture of the head of the snake from the constellation Serpens (The Serpent), reaching to take the Crown. However, the snake is restrained by the constellation Ophiuchus (The Serpent Held), a picture of Jesus, showing Satan’s attempt to still the Crown of Life has been foiled by Jesus.


Corona Borealis is also associated with Jerusalem, which is called a crown in the Bible (Is 62:1-3). In fact, the Crown stood directly overhead at Zenith in Jerusalem in 30 AD when Christ earned the Crown of Life on the cross. Interestingly, Crux, the Southern Cross, stood on the horizon at the same time as the Crown reached Zenith, further amplifying the message that Jesus purchased the Crown of Life for us on the cross. The bright star Gemma (The Shining) also signified God’s presence in Jerusalem, first in the Temple, then in Christ, and finally living in the believers through the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.


The Heavenly Crown, the Serpent below, and the Serpent Holder to the South East are best viewed with binoculars. An interesting object within the Crown is the Variable Star R Cor Bor which occasionally goes dark because of Carbon emissions. Some speculate that a similar phenomenon could have caused our Sun to darken on the day Jesus was crucified.


So tonight enjoy the Northern Crown, a picture of your own Crown of Life. And don’t forget to tell someone how you got it.

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