The Chained Woman

In early November at around 10 p.m. the constellation Andromeda (“The Chained Woman”) can be seen directly overhead.

Andromeda is one of the constellations associated with Pisces (“The Fish”) which tells about the Church age. Andromeda is a picture of a woman bound in chains and represents the suffering of the Jews in the aftermath of their rejection of Christ. The Bible says the suffering and

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season (Romans 11:11,12), and the nearby constellation of Cassiopeia (“The Enthroned Woman”), associated with Aries (“The Lamb”), shows God’s promise to fully restore Israel when Christ returns.

Andromeda is easy to find because it’s brightest star Alpheratz (“Broken Down”) is actually a

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corner of The Great Square of Pegasus. An interesting binocular object in Andromeda is the Andromeda Galaxy which is designated as M 31 on the Star Charts. Also, to the north of Andromeda you can find the distinctive “W” shape of Cassiopeia.

Andromeda serves as a stark reminder of what can happen to a nation that abandons God.

This reminder is especially poignant on this, the day the American Election.

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