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Noah and the Bull

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

            This week the Sun will enter the constellation Taurus (The Bull) on May 18.

            Taurus is the ninth Chapter of the Star Bible and is the sign of the Second Coming of Christ. Taurus is a picture of a bull, an ancient symbol of strength. Its bright Star Aldeberan (The Governor) reminds us that Christ will indeed return in strength to rule, with the bright star cluster the Hyades (The Congregated) representing the armies of Heaven returning with Him. The bright constellation Orion (Coming Forth as Light) pictures Christ the warrior preparing to crush the Serpent beneath his feet, and releasing the constellation Eridanus (The River of Fire) upon his enemies. The third constellation, Auriga (The Shepherd), shows Christ’s care for His people, as a shepherd protecting them in the time of judgment.

Taurus contains a historical inflection point on its border with the tenth chapter of the Star Bible, Gemini, (which represents Christ’s reign on Earth). This area contains the outermost point of our galaxy, where the Sun was located on the first day of Noah’s Flood. As such, this point represents God’s judgment poured out on an evil world and is a reminder that Christ’s Return will come as in the days of Noah (Matt 24, 37-39). In fact, the movement of the Summer Solstice into this point in Taurus, scheduled to occur in the year 2121, is one of the main signs of Christ’s Return in the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

As God provided protection for Noah and his family in the Ark, so God will provide for His people in the Day of Judgment (2 Pe 2:9). The Ark of protection for God’s people is the Church, and the Sun was also at the outermost point of the galaxy on the Feast of Pentecost in 30 AD when the Church was born. This protection is also the message of the constellation Auaiga (The Shepherd)

Early this evening in the Northwest, almost touching the horizon, you can find the constellation Aurga (The Shepherd) reminding us of the Grace and protection available in the midst of Judgment.

Tonight enjoy the view and tell someone that there is still time to end up safe in the Ark like Noah.

The Heavenly Harvester

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

             This week the constellation Bootes (The Coming One) will be high in the Eastern sky, reaching Zenith around midnight.

            Bootes is associated with the Zodiacal constellation Virgo. (The Virgin), which tells of the promised Seed of Woman, Jesus. The other constellations associated with Virgo show a picture of Jesus as a child (Coma Berenices) and the despised sacrifice (Centaurus), but Bootes speaks of Christ returning in power as the Ruler. Bootes is pictured as a man with a sickle in one hand and a spear in the other. He appears as one “Like the son of man” who will reap the harvest of the Earth in Revelation 14:14-16.

Bootes is home to the fourth brightest star, Arcturus (The Coming One) which is identical in meaning to the constellation’s name. The star Mirac (The Coming Forth as an Arrow) looks forward to Jesus coming as did Sagittarius (The Archer), the sign of Christ’s coming. His sacrifice is memorized by the star Nekker (The Pierced) but His victory is shown in the Star Alkaturops (The Branch Treading Underfoot). His final destruction of Satan, shown in the picture of a Serpent separated into pieces in the constellation Hydra, is shown in the star name Muphride (Who Separates).

Bootes can be found to the North of the feet of Virgo and is easily recognized by the bright star Arcturus. Interestingly, the planet Saturn, which also represents Christ the Ruler, is in the constellation Libra (“The Scales”), lining up with Arcturus and the North Star, which also speaks of Christ’s triumph.

Tonight in your Bible study you should read the 14th chapter of Revelation and then go out and see the picture of the Harvester God put in the sky for all to see.

Comet Sends Message to Church

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

During the month of May a small comet will make its way through the constellation Ursa Major (The Assembled Together) with a big message for the Church.


The last year or so has been an unusually active period for Celestial Messengers. On February 15, 2013, we had a near miss from an asteroid (See our Blog of 2/13/13 “A Celestial Warning Shot”) and the largest meteor strike in a century (See our Blog of 2/20/13 “Meteor Mania”), both warning us of God’s judgment to come. Then we had two comets, Panstarrs in March warning us not to reject God’s grace (See our Blog of 3/6/13 “Comet Panstarrs Brings Third Celestial Message”), and Ison which warned us to purify ourselves (See our Blog of 10/9/13 “The Hanukkah Comet”).


These four events in 2013 seemed to set the stage for the “Blood Moon” Tetrad of 2014-15 (See our Blog of 4/2/14 “Blood Moons Past and Present”). Previous Blood Moon Tetrads in 1493-94, 1949-50, and 1967-68, have seen God pouring out His grace to begin the evangelization of the Americas in 1493, begin the tent revivals of 1949, and launch the Charismatic and Messianic revivals of 1967. And now, the 2014-15 Blood Moon Tetrad seems to be pointing to a new revival in the Church, perhaps flowing from a new unity outreach initiated by Pope Francis in January. (See this historic message on the United –In-Christ Website).


Following up on the Blood Moon eclipses of April 14-15, 2014, the new comet, known as “Comet C/2012 K1”, brings

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its own message highlighting the Church. On April 30, 2014 the Comet will pass very close to the Ursa Major Star Alkaid (The Assembly), another name for the Church. Unusually, the comet remains only in Ursa Major, a picture of the Church, during the entire period of its visibility. Clearly, the Lord is drawing our attention to the Church as we hope for revival after the April 14-15 Blood Moon.


Comet C/2012 will pass by Alkaid on April 30 and then move across the lower portions of Ursa Major in May. The Comet will be difficult to see, barley reaching naked eye visibility at 7th magnitude, so you should use your binoculars or a small telescope to view the Comet. The best viewing time is early May when there is no moonlight.


Find the Comet if you can, and look for God to begin reviving His Church.

The Overcomers Moon

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

             On the night of April 14-15 after midnight, the Western Hemisphere will witness one of the most anticipated Lunar Eclipses in history.

            Pastor John Hagee, in his book Four Blood Moons, focused on the Lunar Eclipses, or Blood Moons, which have occurred on Jewish feast days of Passover and Trumpets in 1493-94, 1949-50, and 1967-68, and will occur in 2014-15. We join Pastor Hagee in expecting God to do something special in 2014-15. (See our Blogs of 4/2/14 “Blood Moons Past and Present” and 1/18/14 “Blood Moons”). However, this particular eclipse of April 14-15, 2014 brings its own special message and we do not want to overlook it.

            In the twelfth chapter of Revelation, we are given a picture of a Woman in the Heavens, “Clothed in the Sun with the Moon under her feet,” about to give birth to Christ. The Woman is the constellation Virgo (The Virgin), which promises the coming of Christ, and on the night of Passover, 5 BC, there was a Lunar Eclipse in the feet of Virgo. Our Research indicates that the Star of Bethlehem rose later that night and Christ was born.

            The Lunar Eclipse of April 14-15, 2014 will occur in the same spot in the Heavens, the feet of Virgo, as did the Lunar Eclipse of 5 BC when Christ was born. When the Moon, described in the Bible as the “Faithful Witness in the Sky” (Ps 89:37) and representing the believers, turns blood red it reminds us of how we are covered by the Blood of Jesus. Thus, a Blood Moon is a celestial sign of God’s Grace and Mercy. However, we also read in Revelation 12 that the Believers overcome Satan by their witness and by the Blood of Jesus. So a Blood Moon can rightly be called an Overcomers Moon.

            As if to emphasize this point, the red planet Mars is also located in Virgo on April 14-15, 2014. Mars, whose red color symbolizes the Blood of Jesus, is at its closest point to Earth that very night and is at its brightest. Thus, we will see the Lunar Eclipse, reminding us that we overcome by our witness and the Blood of the Lamb next to Mars, representing the Blood of the Lamb, all in the constellation Virgo where the Lunar Eclipse on Passover of 5 BC occurred.

            The Lunar Eclipse will enter its totality stage at 3:07 A.M. EDT (2:07 CDT) and exit at 4:25 A.M. EDT (3:25 CDT).

            Don’t miss it.

Blood Moons Past and Present

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

bloodmoon[1] The Blood Moon, or Lunar Eclipse, which will happen on the night of April 14-15 is drawing much attention to the Star Bible and the signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars (See our Blog of January 8, 2014 “Blood Moons”).

During a Lunar Eclipse the Moon turns red as the sunlight is reflected through the Earth’s atmosphere. It is as if the Moon, called the “Faithful Witness in the Sky” (Ps 89:37) and representing the believers, was covered in the Blood of Christ. Thus, the Lunar Eclipse is a picture of

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God’s grace and mercy extended to believers.

To illustrate this grace aspect, there are two outstanding Lunar Eclipses which we can point to in Biblical times. The first occurred on the night of the First Passover in Egypt in 1446 BC, when the Blood covering kept out the Angel of Death. The second occurred on Passover night of 5 BC, when the Star of Bethlehem appeared and our research indicates that Christ was born. These Blood Moons happened as God was pouring out His grace and mercy on His people.

In the modern era, Pastor John Hagee’s book “Four Blood Moons” has identified groupings of Four Blood Moons on Jewish Feast days in 1493-94, 1949-50, and 1967-68. History tells us that the Evangelization of the New World began when Christopher Columbus set sail back to the Americas during a Blood Moon on the Feast of Tabernacles in 1493. It was during a Blood Moon on the Feast of Tabernacles in 1949 that Billy Graham became a household name, launching a revival in conjunction with the healing revival of those years. The Blood Moon year 1967 saw the start of the great Charismatic Revival, which has produced 600 million believers, and also the beginning of the Messianic Jewish movement which many believe is preparing the way for Christ’s Return.

Looking forward to the Blood Moons of 2014-15, we can join Pastor Hagee in his expectation that God will do something historic. In fact, we have already seen a historic reconciliation event in Pope Francis’s video of blessing sent to his Protestant brothers (See the United-In-Christ website). Since Church unity is cause for the world to believe our message (See John 17:23), we can hope that the Lord will pour out His Spirit in revival during this time.

Tonight look to the East around 10:00 for the constellation Virgo (The Virgin), where the Lunar Eclipse will occur next week. Note that the red Planet Mars, also signifying the Blood of Jesus, is already there.

Get ready for something special to happen.

The Prince and His Bride

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

As about 9:00 pm this week the two brightest stars in the heavens will be visible to most observers in the Northern Hemisphere.

The brightest star of them all is Sirius, whose name means “The Prince”.  Sirius is part of the constellation now known as Canis Major, or the Big Dog, but which was known in ancient times as “The Leader.”  The Prince of stars is a picture of Jesus the Prince ruling over His Father’s Kingdom.  The brightest “Planetary” (i.e., moving) object, the Sun, also pictures Jesus the ruler, showing His preeminence over the planets and stars or Heaven.

The second brightest star is Canopus, whose name means “The Possession of Him Who Comes”, and it is a picture of the Church as the Bride of Christ.  Interestingly, the second brightest planetary object is the Moon, which is only bright because it reflects the light of the Sun (Christ) and also represents the Church.  Canopus is part of the constellation Argo (The  Ship), which is reminiscent of Noah’s Ark and represents our salvation through Christ (See I Peter 3:18-22).

Both Sirius and Canopus are South of the Celestial Equator and accordingly are not visible in Northern portions of the Northern Hemisphere.  Sirius is only a little South of the Equator and is visible on Earth  South of the Arctic Circle.  Canopus, however, is much further South and cannot be seen above 38 Degrees North, about the middle of the U.S.  Even there Canopus is only visible when it reaches its highest point in the Southern Sky, about 9:00 pm this week.  Canopus is almost due South of Sirius, and so it is visible when Sirius reaches its highest point at about the same time.

You might say that the Bride (Canopus) doesn’t come out in her beauty until the

Prince (Sirius) is exalted.  This reminds us that the wedding supper of the Lamb comes when Jesus has returned to take His place as King (Revelation 19:9).


See if you can find the Royal Couple in the sky tonight, and find someone you can invite to the Wedding!