Super Moon



This week, on December 3, we will see the brightest “Super Moon” of 2017.


A “Super Moon” occurs when the Moon is at its closest to Earth during its Full Moon phase. Because of the Elliptical orbit of the Moon, its distance from Earth normally varies between 225,800 and 252,000 miles, and a “Super Moon” normally occurs about twice a year. This Super Moon, however, occurs when the Earth is near its closest point to the Sun and the Sun’s gravity moves the Moon to about 4,000 miles closer to the Earth. As a result the Moon appears to be 7% larger and 16% brighter than an average full Moon.


Because it is the closeness to the Sun which causes the giant Super Moons, they occur in the period surrounding January 2, when the Earth is closest to the Sun. It is during this time period, from November to February, when the Super Moons will occur in the Zodiac signs which tell of the return and triumph of Jesus. Thus, the extraordinary bright January 26, 1948 Super Moon was located in Cancer (The Holding Place), the sign of the Home of God’s people (Heaven). Later that year the nation of Israel, the home of God’s people the Jews on Earth, declared its independence. A little over a year later came the Blood Moon tetrad of 1949 and 1950 which signaled the beginning of the revivals of Billy Graham and others (See our book The Mystery of the Blood Moons).


This year’s Super Moon, while not rivaling the Super Moon of 1948, does bring an unusual event. The Moon is located in the constellation Taurus (The Bull), which is the sign of the second coming of Christ. Skywatchers in the Northwestern U.S., Alaska, and Asia will see the Super Moon cover the Bright Star Aldebaran (The Governor), a picture of Christ as He returns to Earth to rule in power. This coming together of the Moon, symbolic of the Believers (Psalm 89:37) and  Aldebaran, Symbolic of Christ, is reminiscent of the Great American Eclipse where the Moon and the Sun, representing Christ (Psalm 19:4-5), came together to invite believers to repent and return to the presence of God. (See our book Teshuvah Eclipses).


The invitation symbolized by the eclipse and the Super Moon to unite with Christ and with believers in Christ, as Jesus prayed in John 17:20-22, is still open. And the revival which comes from unity, prayed by Jesus in John 17:23 and signified by the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015, has already begun.


Like the Super Moon shines brighter when it is closest to the Sun, so the Church shines brighter when it closest to the Son.


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