Starry Starry Night

This week the Moon climbs higher and higher in the Western sky, moving from its Equinox Solar Eclipse on March 20 to the third “Blood Moon” Eclipse of the 2014-15 Tetrad. It is a good week to enjoy the beauty of the brightest collection of heavenly lights we can see in the early evening hours.

In the West the Bright Morning Star Venus (the Seed of Woman) sits between the two star clusters representing Christ’s Second Coming, the Hyades (The Congregated) and Pleiades (Congregation of the Ruler). Above these, stars of the Second Coming are Betelgeuse (The Coming of The Branch) and Rigel (The Foot that Crushes) in Orion (Coming Forth as Light), and Capella (The Goat) in Auriga (The Shepard). These stars speak to the message of the Equinox Solar Eclipse about Christ’s return (See our Blog of 3/20/15 “Spring Signs”).

Directly overhead stands the bright planet Jupiter (Suffering Savior) between the constellations Cancer (The Holding Place), and Leo (The Lion) with its bright star Regulus (Treading Underfoot). This duality of Christ as Savior and Judge can be seen in the nearby stars of Pollux (He Who Comes to Suffer) and Castor (The Ruler) in Gemini (The United), the bright star Procyon (The Redeemer), and the brightest star of all, Sirius (The Ruler). The message of these stars reinforces the warnings to accept God’s grace and avoid Judgment which have been delivered to us over the past two years by four meteor/asteroid events and four comets. (See our Blog of 10/15/14 “The Martian Comet”).

Looking North, we can see the bright stars of Ursa Major (The Assembled Together) commonly called Big Dipper, which represents the Church. To the South, briefly visible, lies Canopus (The Possession of Him Who Comes), the second brightest star which also pictures the Church. To the East we see the bright stars Arcturus (The Coming One) and Spica (The Branch) in Virgo (The Virgin) which remind us of God’s promise to send a Savior to redeem His people. It was here in the feet of Virgo that a Blood Moon announced Christ’s birth in 5 BC. (See our Blog of 4/9/14 “The Overcomers Moon”). And it will be in Virgo, just 3 degrees from Spica, that the Passover Blood Moon Eclipse of 4/4/2015 will send a message of revival to the Church.

This week’s Starry Starry Nights contain the most beautiful and powerful parts of the Star Bible. These Stars are even more stunning when viewed through binoculars.

So brighten up your life with a tour of the Heavens tonight. And don’t forget to tell a friend.

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