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Will the World End in 2012?

In recent years popular imagination has been captivated by the ancient Mayan prediction that our world age will end on December 21, 2012. Movies have been made to capitalize on the public interest and spiritual movements have been started in anticipation of a new age coming. This Special Report will examine the Mayan prediction and those who are looking for its new age.

The Mayan prediction was a part of the classic Mayan age which began in the last centuries before Christ and lasted for about 1000 years. Like many ancient people the Mayans believed in cycles of creation and destruction which were initiated by their pagan gods. In the first cycle the gods made people mud but cursed them, and in the second cycle the gods made people of wood but destroyed the world in a great flood. These two cycles reflect an ancient echo of the Biblical story of creation and the flood.

The third Mayan world cycle does not involve humans at all, but is instead a story about how the pagan religion of solar worship overcame the pagan religion of worshiping gods living in the polar stars. The conflict arose because the American Indians came from Siberia and carried with them the belief in polar gods. The Chinese had similar beliefs, taking the polar constellation of Draco the Dragon as their national emblem. However, as the Indians migrated southward, the dominant northern sky polar stars became less and less visible while the sun became dominant directly overhead twice a year for the people south of the Tropic of Cancer. The Mayan priests legitimized the ascendance of the solar religion with the story of how the “Hero Twins” (the two solar Zenith days) shot “7 McCaw” (the Big Dipper) out of the sky in the third world cycle.

The Mayan fourth age, our age, began with the establishment of the dominant solar religion. The Mayans had developed an intricate calendar and, as with many ancient people, moved their mythological history to the distant past. They chose one of the Zenith days in their early city of Izapa, August 13, as the beginning date of their long calendar which they moved back to 3114 B.C. Moving forward through the complete calendar of 260 day cycles, 360 day years, and multi year cycles, the calendar runs out on December 21, 2012 and the fourth Mayan age comes to an end.

The ancient Mayan world did not last until 2012. Their religious belief in human sacrifice and the ensuing continual warfare brought about a collapse in Mayan civilization in the ninth century A.D. The Mayan long calendar was abandoned and the jungle grew over the great Mayan cities and temples. Some modern day Mayans still practice ancient pagan celebrations, mixing them with Christianity, but most realize that the 2012 prediction is just the mythological work of a dead religion. Like the pagan gods and human sacrifice, the 2012 prediction belongs on the trash heap of history.

But there are some outside of the Mayan world who are trying to revive it. These people believe that we humans are evolving into godhood and think that spiritual wisdom can be found in ancient pagan religions. They use the alignment of the North Pole with the galactic center on December 21, 2012 (actually an annual event) to make pseudo scientific arguments about the end of the age. They are not predicting the destruction of the world, but rather an evolutionary leap where the enlightened will overthrow the current world order based on Christian and Western values.

This world view, which many commentators call the New Age Religion, bears a striking resemblance to the religion described in the Bible prior to the flood of Noah. They wanted to become like God, communing with the other spirit beings whom the Bible describes as ‘Fallen Ones’. Similarly, the New Age Religion believes that we will evolve into godhood in communion with spirit guides. As a result the world before the flood became totally violent and evil, a fate replayed for us by the first modern New Age leader Adolph Hitler. Perhaps this is why Jesus warned His followers that the world would be like it was in the days of Noah before the flood.

The Mayans were right about one thing: this age will come to an end. Jesus Christ will return to overthrow the evil world systems and finally institute righteous government on the earth. We too, long for the end of the age. We just do not know when it will happen.

So on Friday, December 21, 2012 we recommend that you finish your Christmas shopping and plan for a nice holiday with your family and friends. On December 25, 2012 join with others who are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, who has made fools of the ancient pagan wise men and their New Age followers.

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