Saturn Rising

This week, on April 28, the planet Saturn reaches opposition, i.e. moves into a position opposite the sun in the sky, and is also at its closest annual point to Earth.


Saturn is one of the “Seven Planets” which form a part of the Star Bible and are the namesakes for our seven days of the week. Saturn represents Christ the Ruler and our day Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath day of rest, is named for Saturn. The most unique future of Saturn, its rings, form a halo or crown which are strikingly similar to crowns pictured in the ancient times. Perhaps the ancient people had an optical device which allowed them to see and imitate the crown of Saturn, the Ruler.


Every 139.03 years the planet Jupiter, representing Christ the Suffering Savior, joins Saturn, the Ruler in opposition for a “Triple Conjunction.” These triple conjunctions occur over long periods of 2542 years, and one of these 2542 year periods ended in 7 BC at the same time that the angel spoke to the father of John the

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Baptist in the temple. This triple conjunction was noted by the Wise Men and conveyed to Herod when they visited Jerusalem after Christ’s Birth in 5 BC. Of course, Herod ordered all babies born in Bethlehem after the 7BC Triple Conjunction to be killed, trying to eliminate a supposed rival to his throne.

Interestingly, Saturn will be in the feet of Virgo (The Virgin) near the location of the Passover 5BC Lunar Eclipse marking Christ’s birth (See our Blog of 3/20/2013 “Passover Moons”). A full moon will join Saturn in the feet of Virgo on April 25 to further remind us of the birth of Christ and the inability of any earthly ruler to stop God’s plans. For, as Christ the Suffering Savior came to bring life to God’s people, so surely Christ the Ruler will come to bring judgment to God’s enemies.


Saturn will rise at sunset and be visible for the entire night. Its rings are visible in small telescopes and, of course, have been extensively photographed by NASA Space probes (See the May issue of Sky and Telescope). Tonight tell someone about Saturn and the coming King it represents.

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