The Promise of the Lamb

On April 19, 2013 the Sun enters the constellation Aries (The Ram).

 Aries is the eighth chapter of the Star Bible and it pictures the promised victory of the Lamb of God. The constellation shows the sacrifice of Christ, replacing the Ram of Abraham sacrificed on the same hill of Zion 2084 years earlier, as confirmed by the Star names El Nath (Wounded) and Sheratan (Bruised). But the slain Lamb of God is also the Lamb who will open the seals of the Book of Revelation (Rev 5:6-14) as we move toward the end of the Age.

 Christ’s enemies at the end of the Age are represented by the constellation Cetus (the Sea Monster) which pictures the same seven headed beast we see in the Book of Revelation (Rev 13:1 and 17:3). Star names Mira (the Rebel), Diphda (the Overthrown), and Minkar (Bound Enemy) confirm the character and fate of Cetus. The One was overthrows and binds Cetus, Christ, is pictured in the constellation Perseus (The Breaker), who is shown carrying the severed heads of his enemies in the star Algol (Evil Spirit) (See our Blog of 10/23/2013 “The Halloween Star”).

 The third constellation associated with Aries is Cassiopeia (The Enthroned Women). This constellation reminds us that the nation of Israel, which had rejected Christ and is represented by Andromeda (The Chained Woman) (See our Blog of 11/6/2013 “The Chained Woman”), will be restored and lifted up when Christ returns (Is 60:1-2). Its Star Caph (The Branch), another name for Christ, shows us that Christ will rule from Israel when He returns (Zech 14:9 and 16) 

You can find Perseus and Cassiopeia near the Northwestern horizon in the early evening this week. Cassiopeia is especially easy to find because of its distinctive “W” configuration.

 Aries tell us that God keeps His promises, whether they be of Grace or Judgment. Encourage a friend tonight to move into the grace side of God’s promises

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