The Prince and His Bride

As about 9:00 pm this week the two brightest stars in the heavens will be visible to most observers in the Northern Hemisphere.

The brightest star of them all is Sirius, whose name means “The Prince”.  Sirius is part of the constellation now known as Canis Major, or the Big Dog, but which was known in ancient times as “The Leader.”  The Prince of stars is a picture of Jesus the Prince ruling over His Father’s Kingdom.  The brightest “Planetary” (i.e., moving) object, the Sun, also pictures Jesus the ruler, showing His preeminence over the planets and stars or Heaven.

The second brightest star is Canopus, whose name means “The Possession of Him Who Comes”, and it is a picture of the Church as the Bride of Christ.  Interestingly, the second brightest planetary object is the Moon, which is only bright because it reflects the light of the Sun (Christ) and also represents the Church.  Canopus is part of the constellation Argo (The  Ship), which is reminiscent of Noah’s Ark and represents our salvation through Christ (See I Peter 3:18-22).

Both Sirius and Canopus are South of the Celestial Equator and accordingly are not visible in Northern portions of the Northern Hemisphere.  Sirius is only a little South of the Equator and is visible on Earth  South of the Arctic Circle.  Canopus, however, is much further South and cannot be seen above 38 Degrees North, about the middle of the U.S.  Even there Canopus is only visible when it reaches its highest point in the Southern Sky, about 9:00 pm this week.  Canopus is almost due South of Sirius, and so it is visible when Sirius reaches its highest point at about the same time.

You might say that the Bride (Canopus) doesn’t come out in her beauty until the

Prince (Sirius) is exalted.  This reminds us that the wedding supper of the Lamb comes when Jesus has returned to take His place as King (Revelation 19:9).


See if you can find the Royal Couple in the sky tonight, and find someone you can invite to the Wedding!

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