Planetary Gathering Confirming Taurus

This week there will be a significant gathering of the three brightest planets in the constellation Taurus (The Bull), which the Sun entered on May 18.


Taurus is the ninth Chapter of the Star Bible and is the sign of the Second Coming of Christ. Taurus is a picture of a bull, an ancient symbol of strength. Its bright Star Aldeberan (The Governor) reminds us that Christ will indeed return in strength to rule, with the bright star cluster the Hyades (The Congregated) representing the armies of Heaven returning with Him. The bright constellation Orion (Coming Forth as Light) pictures Christ the warrior preparing to crush the Serpent beneath his feet, and releasing the constellation Eridanus (The River of Fire) upon his enemies. The third constellation, Auriga (The Shepherd), shows Christ’s care for His people, as a shepherd protecting them in the time of judgment.


Just after sunset on the days following the Sun’s entrance into Taurus there will be a gathering of planets which echo the meaning of Taurus. The Sun, representing Christ as the Prince and Light of the World, is echoed by the star Aldebreran (the Governor) in Taurus and the constellation Orion (Coming Forth as Light). The planet Mercury, which represents Lucifer as the Moring Star laid low (See Is 14:12), is echoed by the Serpent under the feet of Orion (Lepus) and his fate is shown by Eridanus (The River of Fire). Venus, representing the Seed of Woman, is echoed by Orion and its bright star Rigel (The Foot that Crushes), reminding us of the promise that the Seed of Woman will crush the head of the serpent (Gen 3:15). Finally, Jupiter, representing the Suffering Savior, is echoed by Aurga (The Shepherd) and stars Elnath (Wounded) in Auriga and Saiph (Bruised) a foot of Orion. Thus, the Sun and the three brightest planets are adding their confirmation to the message of Taurus, the sign of the Second Coming.


Early this evening in the Northwest, almost touching the horizon, you can find the constellation

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Aurga (The Shepherd) reminding us of the Grace and protection available through Christ. Below and to the West are the three brightest planets, Venus (The Seed of Woman), the Bright Morning Star (Rev 22:16), Jupiter (The Suffering Savior), and Mercury (Lucifer)

reminding us of the Judgment to come.


Tonight enjoy the view and tell someone that there is still time to end up safe on the Auriga side of the story.

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