The Pentecostal Star

Early September brings to view the Constellation Aquarius (“The Water Bearer”) as it rises high in the Southern skies in the late evening.

Aquarius is one of the signs of the Zodiac and is the sixth chapter of the Star Bible. It pictures a man pouring water and represents the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost (see John 7:37-39). Stars named Sadalsund (The Pourer Out) and Sadalmlik (The Record of the Pouring Out) confirm this understanding, while the Star Meon (Urn) is always pictured as pouring out the water of the Holy Spirit.

Follow the outpoured water down to the next Constellation, Pisces Austranis (“The Southern Fish”) for the rest of the story. We know that the fish is an ancient symbol of the believers, and the single fish of Pisces Austranis represents the Jewish Believers who received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues at Pentecost in 30 AD. The outpoured water of Aquarius flows down to the bright Star Formalhaut (“The Mouth of the Fish”) in confirmation that the Holy Spirit flowed through the mouth, as the sign of the Holy Spirit was speaking in tongues.

The constellation Aquarius contains few bright stars and is best viewed through binoculars. Its Western stars are North of the Zodiacal constellation Capricorn, and then can be followed does to Pisces Austrians which is directly below Aquarius. The Pentecostal Star Formalhaut is the brightest star of the grouping and sits on the Eastern edge of Pisces Austranis.

So tonight drink in a little of the Holy Spirit water of Aquarius and the Pentecostal Star Formalhaut.


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