Orion Rides High


This week the bright constellation Orion (Coming Forth as Light) reaches its highest and most visible point in the early evening around 9:00.

Orion is the brightest of all of the constellations, and is one of the constellations associated with Taurus (“The Bull”) which tells of the Second Coming of Christ. Orion, which means “Coming Forth as Light”, is a picture of a warrior who is preparing to crush the serpent. The constellation captures the theme of the Star Bible, the Seed of Woman who is bruised in the heel and crushes the head of the serpent. Star names Saiph (“Bruised”) in one foot and Rigel (“The Foot that Crushes”) in the foot raised above the serpent leave no doubt that the triumph of Christ is shown.

The constellation has a distinctive “X” shape, with the upper stars of Betelgeuss (“The Coming of the Branch”) and Bellatrix (“Swiftly Destroying”) and the lower stars the above mentioned Saiph (“Bruised”) and Rigel (“The Foot that Crushes”). In the center of the “X” is the equally distinctive “Belt of Orion” consisting of three bright stars which include the star Alnitak (“The Wounded One”) in the side of Orion, reminding us of Christ’s wound in the side. Orion also contains the

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brightest stellar cloud, or nebula, known as M-42, which is usually pictured as a sword hanging from the belt.

All in all, Orion is a beautiful sight, and is even more stunning when viewed through binoculars. And, as an extra bonus, the Moon, which represents the Church, will be standing just above Orion on January 23 about halfway between Orion and Auriga (“The Shepherd”) (See our 1/9/13 Blog “The Good Shepherd). The Moon reminds us that we shall experience Christ both as a warrior of Orion and the protector of Auriga when he returns.

See if you can tell someone about the beauties of Orion (“Coming Forth as Light”) and how it represents Jesus, the Light of the World.

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