May’s Comet Trifecta

                We have previously written about the role comets play in showing how “The heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1) by pointing to the message of particular constellations. Usually there are one or two visible comets in a given year. Amazingly, there are three visible comments in the sky during the month of May.

                Comet 4IP Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak passed within 12 million miles of Earth near the first day of the Jewish religious New Year in March, and we called it the New Year’s comet in our Blog of March 22, 2017. The comet spent April in the constellation Draco (The Dragon) which pictures Satan. As it exited Draco in early May it came out where the foot of the constellation Hercules (The Mighty Victor), which pictures Christ, stands on the head of Draco, reminding us that Satan is under our feet. During May the comet passes west of Hercules, close to the bright star Vega (He shall be exalted), showing Christ victorious. Then it passes close to the  Cerberus star formation (The Three Headed Serpent) picturing the punishment of the nations which persecute God’s people. The message of the New Year’s Comet in May is a promise that Christ will be victorious and a warning of judgment to Christ’s enemies.

                Traveling down to the East of the constellation Hercules, is Comet Johnson. During May it passes through the constellation Bootes (The Coming One), a picture of the Son of Man who will reap the harvest of the Earth (Revelation 14:14-16). The Comet moves close to the star Alkaturops (“The Branch Treading Underfoot), echoing the picture of the head of Satan (The Dragon) under the feet of Christ (Hercules). Along with Comet 4IP, Comet Johnson frames the constellation Hercules, the Mighty Victor, and amplifies our promised victory over Satan, as he is under our feet.

                The third comet, Panstarrs, became visible after an outburst in April and can be seen in the predawn hours. The comet is closely following the path of Venus (The Seed of Woman), the Bright Morning Star which pictures Christ. Both Panstarrs and Venus are moving along the constellation called The Band, uniting the two fish of the constellation Pisces (The Fish) which represent the Church. This comet is inviting us to follow Jesus in uniting the Church, as He prayed in John 17.

                We believe that the three comets, inviting us to unity and warning us of judgment, are directing us toward the identical message of the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017. The Eclipse, occurring on the first day of the 40 Day Hebrew season of Teshuvah, is an invitation to repent and return to God by praying through the 40 days of Teshuvah. For more, see the Teshuvah website.

                So get up early and take your binoculars to see the three amazing Comets as they streak across the sky. And remember to tell someone about God’s invitation and warning.                

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