The Good Shepherd

             Tonight at about 9:00 PM the constellation Auriga (“The Shepherd”) will be directly overhead.

                Auriga is one of the constellations associated with Taurus (“The Bull”) which tell of the second coming of Christ. In the ancient world the bull symbolized great power, reminding us that Christ will return in power to conquer his enemies. The bright constellation Orion (Coming Forth as Light), a picture of Christ preparing to crush the serpent Satan, reinforces the message (See our Blog of 1/17/15 “The Self Portrait of Christ”), and the constellation Eridanus (“River of Fire”) shows the fate of Christ’s enemies.

In the midst of this picture of judgment Auriga tells a different story. The constellation pictures a shepherd (Christ: See John 10:14, 15) holding a goat and two kids. The goat represents the Jews, who will be kept through the judgment and the kids represent the Church, uniting Gentiles and Jews to rule with Christ when He returns. The Shepherd reminds us that God will protect his people on the day of wrath. This message is especially comforting in light of the celestial warnings we have received beginning in 2013 (See our Blog of 1/24/15 “Another Celestial Warning shot”).

Auriga has a distinctive shape and contains the sixth brightest star Capella (“The Goat”), which is almost directly overhead. The two stars representing the kids, known as the Haedi are almost directly on the Zenith point near Capella. Auriga is also located in the Milky Way, our galaxy, and presents a fine sight through binoculars.

So enjoy the constellation Auriga tonight, and rejoice that the Good Shepherd will protect His flock in the midst of judgment.

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