The Goat and the Fish

             On January 19 the constellation Capricorn (The Goat) moves behind the sun.

Capricorn is the fifth chapter of the Star Bible, a very peculiar picture of a dying goat with the tail of a fish. The constellation and its three associated constellations of Aquila (The Eagle), Sagitta (The Arrow), and Delphinus (The Dolphin) tell the story of the death and resurrection of Christ. Aquila (The Eagle), is a picture of a falling eagle, containing the summer Triangle star Altair (The Wounding) (See our 8/13/14 Blog “The Summer Triangle Rises”) along with other stars Alcair (The Piercing) and Alokal (Wounded in the Heel), showing the death of the Seed of Woman who was “bruised in the heel” (Gen 3:15). The dying Capricorn goat reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice as the scapegoat for our sins (Lev 16:15 and Heb 9:24-28).

As the goat shows death, so the fish show life. Capricorn is pictured giving birth to a fish, showing life coming from Christ’s sacrifice. The constellation Delphinus (The Dolphin) represents His resurrection and reminds us that He promised the “Sign of Jonah”, being in the earth for three days like Jonah was in the fish for three days, and then coming forth (Mat 12:39-40). The Fish story continues with Pisces Austranis (The Southern Fish) which represents the Church receiving the Holy Spirit (see our 11/5/14 Blog “Finding the Pentecostal Star). Then we come to the constellation Pisces (The Fish), a picture of two fish, representing the Jews and Gentiles joined together to form the Church. No wonder the early Church took the fish for its symbol.

At this time of year the only fish constellation remaining visible in the evening sky is Pisces (The Fish). The constellation is very faint, requiring binoculars in most places, and can be seen in the Western sky south of the square of Pegasus (The Winged Horse) in the early evening.

Later on this year, at the Feast of Tabernacles on September 28, 2015, the Moon, representing the Church, will become a “Blood Moon” during a Lunar Eclipse (See our Blog of 10/5/14 “The Blood Moon and the Church”), in the constellation Pisces, which also represents the Church.

This year of 2015 promises great events I the Church.


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