Blood Moons

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January 16, 2014
International Star Bible Society

Blood Moons

We at the International Star Bible Society were encouraged to see Pastor John Hagee’s recognition of the importance of the signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars in his recent book Four Blood Moons.

Pastor Hagee points out the fact that Lunar Eclipses turn the moon red like blood. Because lunar eclipses occur on the middle of the Lunar month, Lunar Eclipses can occur on two of the Hebrew Feast days, Passover and Tabernacles. While one in six Lunar Eclipses occur on Hebrew Feast days, Lunar Eclipses will sometimes hit on two feast days in a row. However, only four times in the last 500 years have Lunar Eclipses hit on all four feast days over a two year period. These events, which he calls “ Tetrads”, have occurred in 1493-94; 1949-50; 1967-68; and the fourth is upcoming in 2014-15.

In searching for the meaning of these signs in the Moon, Pastor Hagee focuses on the historical events surrounding the dates. In 1492 Columbus discovered the New World and the Jews were expelled from Spain. Israel was reborn as a nation in 1948 and Jerusalem was brought into Israel in 1967. Pastor Hagee, who believes that Christ will return within a generation of the founding of Israel in 1948, sees the 2014-2015 time as a significant period relating to Christ’s return. However, he stops short of any predictions other than his conclusion that the Four Blood Moons of 2014-2015 signal that God is preparing to intervene in human history.

Our analysis of the meaning of the Blood Moons starts with the basic understanding that the Moon, the “Faithful witness in the sky” (Ps 89:37), represents the Bride of Christ and the Blood Moons signify the covering with Christ’s redemptive Blood. There was a Blood Moon on the original Passover in 1446 BC and there was a Blood Moon the night Christ was born in 5 BC. (See our Blog of 1/2/13 “The Epiphany Moon”) These Blood Moons were not directing us to future events, but were highlighting currently occurring events. In the same way, the Blood Moons of 1493-94 and 1949-50 seem to point to Jewish events which had occurred in the previous year, while the 1967-68 Blood Moons occurred at the same time as the Jewish event. From the standpoint of the Church, 1493-94 marked the beginning of evangelism of the New World, while the 1949-50 period saw the Healing Revival and the 1967-68 years marked the Charismatic Renewal.

Looking at our own times, we have just completed a year when four unusual celestial events occurred (See our Blog of 12/4/2013 “Comet Ison Makes Its Point”). We had a near Earth asteroid and the largest Meteor strike

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in 100 years on February 15, followed by a comet in March and Comet Ison which pointed us to Hanukah with its sudden disappearance on that date. These four Celestial Messengers reminded us to purify ourselves, as the Jewish temple was purified at Hanukkah, or face judgment. The Four Blood Moons of 2014-15 also tell us to purify ourselves with the Blood of Jesus. And to expect God to do something for the Church, the Jews, and the world in the next two years.

Blood Moons are also an important part of the signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars which point to the return of Christ. The Lunar Eclipse when Christ was born in 5 BC, along with a Lunar Eclipse on Tabernacles that same year, are part of a 2084 year eclipse cycle which began at Creation. The cycle repeats itself with Lunar Eclipses on Passover and Tabernacles in 2080 AD. Solar eclipses, representing the Day of the Lord, occurring on the Feast of Trumpets in 5 BC and 2080 AD are part of the same cycle, and recur in 2099 AD, 2118 AD, and 2137 AD. As the Scripture says, “The Sun will be turned to darkness and the Moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord” (Joel 2:31).

So we join with Pastor Hagee in expecting great things from God in 2014 and 2015.

And we look forward to the signs in the Suns, Moon, and Stars announcing the coming of the Lord.

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